Top 10 Countries For MBA Salaries 2017 |

Top 10 Countries For MBA Salaries 2017

By Amelia Hopkins

Updated November 2, 2017 Updated November 2, 2017

MBAs have many benefits: the experience, the job prospects, the friends and business associates you’ll meet along the way and, possibly the most attractive of all benefits, the post-MBA salary. Most MBAs can expect a significant salary jump once their course is completed, but their new-found wealth is dependent on not only which industry and position they’re in, but which country they choose as their destination. 

The newly released QS TopMBA Jobs & Salary Trends Report 2018 explores which countries offer graduates the most competitive MBA salaries. These are by-country averages taken from respondents to the QS Employer Survey, and will therefore change dependent on industry and job role. 

The top 10 countries for MBA salaries this year are: 

1. Switzerland - $123,500

2. United States - $102,100

3. Canada - $99,800

4. France - $98,500

5. Australia - $98,400

6. United Kingdom - $92,400

7. Italy - $86,400

8. Singapore - $82,700

9. Japan - $80,000

10. Germany - $77,200


1. Switzerland 

Switzerland is the world’s 11th richest country, and it shows, with average MBA salaries in the nation a huge US$20,000 higher than its nearest rival. This is even the case once you factor in bonuses, which keeps Switzerland in the top spot, with a US$18,000 lead.

2. United States 

The US is one of the top destinations for MBAs and with a business school network comprising a huge share of the best institutions in the world, it’s not hard to see why. Graduates working in the US can expect to see salaries upwards of US$100,000, although when bonuses are factored in the nation actually slips to third position, behind the UK.

3. Canada

Canada has been in the top-10 countries for MBA salary for the last four years and continues to be a strong contender this year. The Canadian economy is expected to outgrow every other G7 nation in 2017 and offers an MBA salary of $US99,800 to match.

4. France

La Belle France has jumped three places this year, offering MBA salaries at around US$98,500, an increase of more than $10,000 from last year. This is unsurprising, as demand for MBAs in the country has grown considerably in the last year.

5. Australia

Australia was last years’ leading MBA salary destination, but this year it has been relegated to 5th place – albeit mostly due to high increases elsewhere. Nevertheless, the nation, in which demand has grown notably, is still offering around US$$98,400 to graduates.

6. United Kingdom

The UK has fallen one spot since last year, offering salaries in the region of US$102,100. Interestingly though, when bonuses are factored into the equation the UK offers the second most competitive salary at US$122,900, behind only Switzerland.

7. Italy

Italy has climbed by one spot this year, offering salaries of US$86,400. Despite the jump, the Italian market for MBAs has slowed, with a decrease in recruitment since last year.

8. Singapore

As a gateway to Asia, Singapore is a popular destination for graduating MBAs. Despite economic issues in the last year, salaries for graduates remain high and demand for MBAs has grown this year.

9.  Japan

Japan is back in the top-10 destinations for MBAs for the first time since 2014, offering salaries of US$80,000 for graduates. This is despite a significant drop in demand for MBA graduates.

10. Germany

Europe’s largest economy is as strong as ever, with unemployment reaching a record low this September. Despite demand for MBAs stagnating, salaries on offer still make the charts with a huge US$77,200

The US, the UK, Canada, France, Australia, Singapore and Germany have made the top 10 for the last four years, demonstrating the strength of MBA opportunities in these countries. 

This article was originally published in November 2017 .

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