Program Guide
MBA in Sustainability

Sustainability issues have been the focal point of environmental discussions for quite some time. As people become more conscientious of climate struggles and the role of business, more and more students are choosing to undertake an MBA with a concentration in sustainability - often called "green MBAs".

Green MBAs are unique as there is a specific focus on the intersection of sustainability and business success and ethics, using the trialled and tested conventional MBA framework to help advance sustainability principles.

When looking into roles at corporations that make sustainability a key part of its modus operandi, degrees in sustainability will feel particularly beneficial.

As the level of students choosing MBAs in Sustainability, many have argued any MBA program should include some sustainability coursework too.

With an MBA in Sustainability, graduates can go on to a variety of different careers, such as sustainable accounting, CSR positions in private industry, or a range of jobs in nonprofits or social enterprises.