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QS Online MBA Rankings 2019

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Online MBA programs are rapidly becoming a mature degree offering that deserves respect among prospective students and employers alike. The QS Online MBA Rankings 2019 include 40 programs from around the world that were assessed based on four key indicators.

  1. Student Profile (35%)
  2. Employability (30%)
  3. Faculty and Teaching (30%)
  4. Class Experience (5%)

More information on how these indicators are measured can be found in the infographic below. Employability is determined by analyzing responses to the QS Employer Survey. Each year thousands of employers respond to the survey with the opportunity to nominate specific business schools that they believe are produce the best graduates.

The remaining inputs are provided by participating schools and/or validated by publicly available data. If neither of these are possible, an estimate is used.

For more information on the statistical approach applied to the indicators above, please contact [email protected].

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