Career Trends

What is happening in the world of MBA employment? Pertinent international and regional trends which could impact your post-MBA career identified and analyzed.

Is Working from Home the Future of Careers in Business? main image
Career Trends
22 Jan 2020

Why are so many people in business now working from home? Is remote work the future of employment? We explore why it's a good arrangement for both businesses and employees. 

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There's many advantages to doing an MBA - and one of them is the ability to develop an entrepreneurial spirit. As climate change dominates the news, many entrepreneurs have made the decision to focus on sustainable businesses. Here's six sustainable start-ups founded by b-school graduates to keep an eye on in 2020. 
The Revolution of Food Production: What Does It Mean For Business and Education? main image
Reports on the impact that farming has on the planet and climate change are revving up, making consumers more aware of their daily food choices. Alongside popular plant-based foods, new ways of growing crops are emerging every day and kick-starting a revolution in food production all over the world. Here's how they'll impact business and education in the new decade.