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Why an MBA Could Be Your Golden Ticket to Success main image
Seb Murray
MBA Careers
19 Jul 2018

Financing an MBA can be tough, but with the ROI proving fruitful for students, there's no end to the benefits of the programs. 

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How to Plan for Your Post-MBA Career main image
by Temoor I.

An MBA opens plenty of doors, but it's helpful to know which one you want to walk through before you actually graduate. Here's how you can start planning for your post-MBA career now.

Niche Interests: EU Business School’s MBA Specializations Offer Path into Difficult-to-Access Careers main image
by Temoor I.

EU Business School offer MBA programs in 11 different specializations, ensuring their graduates are well-prepared for whatever line of work they're interested in.

How to Make Your MBA Future-Proof main image
by Staff W.

Business analytics is a vital area of expertise in the modern world, so it's important your MBA program covers this growing area. To learn more, we spoke to Queen's University Belfast about their MBA program.

Why You Still Need a College Degree main image

Don't be fooled by the rise of entrepreneurs who didn't obtain a college degree - it's still a vital and essential qualification when entering the jobs market.

What Do MBA Applicants Want in a Business School and Career? main image

Following the publication of the QS TopMBA.com Applicant Survey, what trends are noticeable are among today's MBA students?