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    Our innovative MBA is designed for ambitious business professionals – and recent graduates from any discipline – who don’t want to wait until they have extensive work experience before taking the first steps towards a management career.

    Setting you apart in a competitive job market, you’ll graduate with direct experience from a three-month internship and the holistic business knowledge, capabilities and cutting-edge digital expertise demanded by today’s employers.

    In the fast-moving global business environment, employers demand multi-skilled, digitally competent graduates with a sophisticated understanding of business and its changing context, one which cuts across the traditional business disciplines that include human resources, management and marketing. To succeed you need a ‘big picture’ approach. You must be capable of adapting to emerging business models, creating new enterprises, leading and managing people effectively and improving processes with digital solutions.

    At Westminster Business School, we recognise that future business professionals need the full range of technical and personal development skills – more responsible, resilient, adaptable and versatile than ever before. Our aim is to help you become an aspiring leader and entrepreneur, someone who can add value to any type of organisation. But we believe it’s essential for this transformation process to start early, before you have extensive working experience or have adopted the mindset of one particular employer or business sector. By starting this process early, it’s much easier to develop your skills, learn to think outside the box, and independently lead changes in the business world – wherever your career takes you. It’s also what our employer contacts tell us they’d prefer.

    Responding to a shifting market, the Westminster MBA offers a practically oriented, cross-disciplinary, advanced education in modern business: it combines academic rigour, accelerated study, stimulating teaching approaches and practical business leadership experiences, including a three-month internship. We'll support you on your journey to becoming part of the next generation of successful business executives and entrepreneurs.

    We’ll introduce you to the latest business methods and technologies in a way that more accurately reflects the corporate and entrepreneurial environment – through interdisciplinary, capability-building thematic modules, which span anything from innovation and design thinking to contemporary challenges, sustainability, management complexity, data analysis and finances. You’ll then apply your learning to practice-based business problems and live business projects and, in doing so, gain sought-after soft skills, such as creativity, critical thinking, personal agility, adaptability and resilience.

    Recognising the growing importance of technology, and preparing you for careers in a 2020s digital world, we’ll examine some of the latest developments, including blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence, cloud technology, AR/VR, disruptive innovations, the growth of ecosystems and the sharing economy.

    We expect our MBA graduates to go on to secure management and leadership roles in corporates, start-ups, SMEs, the public sector and non-profit organisations.


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