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ADM Business School is an independent training institution that was officially founded in the spring of 2001, although it originally dates back to 1995 when a series of formative projects merged together within the industry of IT companies.In January 2004, as a result of its growth in formative activities, the new Velázquez Street facilities were inaugurated, in the heart of Madrid’s economic - financial centre, that have become its head office.From the start, ADM Business School puts forward one clear objective: the search for excellence in business education through the development of training, research and divulgence activities.Throughout its short history, ADM Business School has accumulated exceptional experience from working with companies in the IT sector, developing all kinds of formative projects.This is reflected in the internal size of the school, in the configuration of its Academic Management Board and in the composition not only of its Advisory Board but also its senate of professors who are all senior executives of top level multinationals, many of whom are involved in the technology sector.ADM Business School is a benchmark in the training of graduates and executives in the field of business management and technology.Over these last few years this has been decisive in ensuring the link between technology companies and the world of training.The "Know How" within such a complex and versatile environment, with clients such as Motorola, IBM, Apple, Acens Technologic, Microgate or Sun Microsystems amongst others, has allowed the development of an effective and eminently practical methodology, the target of which has been concentrated on three clearly differentiated levels:-Senior Management-Middle Management-Sales forceBased on the experience acquired through developing tailored-made programmes for companies collaborating with ADM Business School, we are aware of the specific needs which companies in this field demand from their professionals.This has enabled unique master programmes to be developed nationwide in order to train alumni in whatever skills and with the expertise called for by the professional market.Shunning from unnecessary academicisms and traditional formative models that are rigid and watertight, ADM Business School searches for operative flexibility and constant adaptation to the new demands of our present technological society.Our vocation has always been training the best executives and to do this, we strive to respond to new business realities.Our mission is to discover the proficiency and develop our students’ capabilities for communication, leadership and teamwork, without forgetting the ethical principles that should prevail in any company.Our commitment is to be able to give each of our clients personalized treatment depending on their specific circumstances. Our approach is eminently practical, seeking to bring the student closer to the company’s real problems in order to develop their capacity for analysis, to search for alternatives and solve problems. To do this, our pedagogic system is based on the “Case Method”.


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