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Alfaisal University College of Business is a provider of world-class business education in Riyadh. The business curriculum is delivered by highly qualified westeren faculty with doctorate degrees. For more information about Alfaisal University, you are welcome to visit www.alfaisal.edu .The Alfaisal MBA program is a 22 month program delivered in the evenings and on selected weekends to meet the needs of working professionals. Participants meet two evenings per week from 6-9 as well as selected Thursdays in each semester. As part of a program-long cohort, students gather for a 3 day orientation course at the beginning of each academic year. The cohorts take all classes together, thus creating a learning team that can teach, support, and encourage each other throughout the program. Given a structure based on two semesters over a period of twelve months with a break in-between the semesters, participants can complete the program in 22 months. Cohorts may be formed at various times during the year. Read more: http://www.alfaisal.edu/colleges/business/mba.htm The Alfaisal University MBA is an exciting 49 credit hour program that focuses on developing professionals who can add value to the organizations they serve through collaborative leadership, see the program’s curriculum for details on the offered courses and minimum required credit hours to graduate.


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