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At Thunderbird School of Global Management, we prepare students to be leaders in global environments of volatility, uncertainty and ambiguity. Along with a foundation of international business fundamentals, dealing with diversity, change and the unexpected is at the core of what we teach at Thunderbird. 

Global business requires a combination of skills, some of them often called “soft skills” – which, in fact, are the very skills that determine whether you succeed for fail in a professional setting. 

Thunderbird prepares students to enter this complex and exciting environment with specialized master’s degrees that go beyond the traditional MBA with hands-on training in international business, cross-cultural relations, global political economy and regional business environments.  With  global outlook—and a high-quality Thunderbird education—our graduates stand out from the competition.

More than 75% of Thunderbird students find employment within the first six months of their graduation, many in international settings.  While the mix of students varies from year to year, more than 50% of Thunderbird students are from other countries.  Currently, 43 different countries are represented among the school’s students. 

Scholarships of up to 40% are available to students who are referred by Thunderbird alumni, as well as those who come from military backgrounds.  Thunderbird also has a special program, called SHARE, for students from emerging markets who could not otherwise afford to attend the school.  And while students come from all over the world, English is the language of business internationally and what is required at the school. 

Thunderbird offers three main degree programs – the Master of Global Management, the Master of Arts in Global Affairs and Management, and the Master of Applied Leadership and Management.  International business leadership and management are at the core of all three degrees.  The MGM also is offered online, the OMGM, and in a format designed for working professionals, the Executive Master of Global Management. Time commitment and fees vary, depending on which option you select. All programs include applied learning opportunities in global locations. 

Based in Glendale, Arizona, in the United States, Thunderbird prides itself on offering many applied learning opportunities, internships, and other programs that place students in settings around the world. With an active alumni network of 170 chapters in more than 140 countries, Thunderbird graduates are well connected to the school and offer current students a wide range of opportunities in organizations around the globe. T-birds like to hire and work with fellow T-birds. 

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