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COVID-19 Information: Please check the end of this section

ESCP 's slogan, "European Identity, Global Perspective", is entirely represented in the various programmes we offer within our Bachelor's, Master's and MBA degrees. Integrated curricula enable students to study on several of our different European campuses or at one of our more than 100 partner universities across the globe during the scope of their studies.

Europe can be described as embracing maximum cultural diversity within minimal geographical distances. The school's cross-border multi-campus structure, combined with its highly culturally diverse student and faculty body, makes ESCP a natural expert in multi-national/cross-cultural management and entrepreneurship education, not only in Europe but all around the world.

ESCP ascribes the utmost value and importance to academic excellence. The school has earned the prestigious multi -accredited (AACSB, EQUIS, EFMD MBA, EFMD EMBA), an achievement attained by only one percent of business schools worldwide. In addition, ESCP has achieved top positions in national and international rankings such as that of the Financial Times.

In addition to offering classical business courses in finance, marketing, or strategy, we enable our students to study management from an interdisciplinary approach, through such subjects as creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Corporate social responsibility and societal management aspects are discussed in many of our courses. Finally, ESCP encourages students to round out their managerial and entrepreneurial education through personal development, e.g., the participation in the school's various student societies and sport clubs.

COVID-19 Information

Recruitment during the COVID lockdown continues as before with our programme advisors available to answer any questions you may have about the programme. The first step in the process is to schedule a pre-interview with one of our programme advisors (in Paris, Madrid, London, Turin, Berlin or Beirut). They will organize a video-call with you to give you feedback on your profile and discuss whether the programme is aligned with your professional project. After your pre interview, your programme advisor will come back to you with a detailed feedback on your profile and confirm if they encourage you to apply.

The selection interviews are scheduled online all along the year. We have several virtual information and recruitment events planned over the coming weeks. These include masterclasses (see our website), informational events (May 15th) and alumni run events where former participants speak freely about their experiences on the programme and answer live any questions candidates may have (June 4th). 

Building on the experience of our blended General Management Programme (which gives credits towards our EMBA), we have launched a blended – online format of the Executive EMBA. This programme provides the same knowledge, network and knowhow of our traditional EMBA but increases the number of distance learning modules. An information session on this option will be run in the next few weeks.    

To support candidates in this particular period, we have extended our Early Bird offer and increased the numbers of partial scholarships available. 

In order to facilitate the admission process, we have also consolidated the implementation of our APTIS English test developed by the British Council. We have given the opportunity to our candidates to take their APTIS English test from home, accompanying them and guiding them through this process during this COVID period. 

All our enrolled candidates have now access to our pre-programme package that includes an online platform with courses, contents, workshops. This boosts candidates learning experience before starting classes. 

To keep on providing our participants and candidates with inputs from our Faculty in the current context, our European campuses and Executive Education teams are offering online masterclasses on relevant topics. 

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