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Hofstra University's Frank Zarb business School is the first school in the Long Island, N.Y. area that received AACSB accreditation. It is also one of the exclusive 10% of the business schools that received dual accreditation in Accounting besides the AACSB recognition. Its beautiful 260 acres suburban campus is located just a commuter train ride from Manhattan, New York.The Zarb School has been ranked #8 by Forbes Magazine, Wired Magazine & Princeton Review as "Best wired school in the U.S." Its newly redesigned MBA program requires a minimum 41-48 credits, depending on the candidate's background. Besides MBA programs, we also offer MS degrees in various disciplines. All programs are available to both full-time and part-time students. We have a rolling admission policy all year round.The Zarb Business School MBA curriculum emphasizes a cross-functional approach to teaching. It also provides an experiential learning component within which students engage in business consulting and corporate internships as a means of refining their managerial skills. Our distinguished faculty has extensive industry experience and academic research record. The School emphasizes small class size ( average 20 students per section per course ) so students may benefit from individual attention from professors. The Zarb Faculty represents countries worldwide. Over 90% of the full-time faculty has achieved the highest degree in their field. They have far exceeded the high standard set forth by AACSB. Importantly, Zarb faculty members take an active role in helping students obtain internships and employment upon graduation, and continue to be actively engaged in students' organizations and activities.It should be noted that our full-time professors teach both day-time & evening programs. Our students are drawn from various states across the U.S. and nearly 30 countries from all over the world. The ratio of women to men is 2:3Throughout the school year, senior execuitives & leaders from various industries visit our campus and meet with our MBA / MS students for networking. In just the past school year alone, CEOs and presidents of IBM, Cartier, JetBlue, ABC /ESPN Sports and Lowe's Corp. besides the former chairman of NASDAQ and Citicorp Solomon SmithBarney have all met with our students in the Zarb School. Additionally, former Presidents Ford, Carter, Bush, Sr. and Senator Clinton all came to Hofstra and spoke to our students in the past.Furthermore, our MBA students are heavily recruited by various companies in the New York area visiting our campus every year. The Zarb School also provides a staff of full-time Graduate Career Services professionals devoted EXCLUSIVELY for MBA / MS students' career needs. Consequently, we have been very successful in helping our students secure jobs upon graduation.


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