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  • GMATRange of average GMAT scores across all MBA programs at the institution
    550-650 - Low
    651-700 - Medium
    701-800 - High
  • DemographyAge range of students across all MBA programs at the institution.
    28-35 Yrs.


Briefing of the School Long history of business teaching As China's first higher education institution to establish the educational system of Business Administration, the century-old Fudan University created the business discipline in as early as 1917, and later set up the School of Business in 1929. But it had to suspend the education of management in the 1950s, when new waves of restructuring hit all the universities and colleges nationwide. When the country started to implement reform and open-up policies, Fudan Univesity took a lead to resume the education of management, and started to enroll undergraduates for Management Science in 1977, and later established Department of Management Science in 1979 and School of Management in 1985. Multi-level system of School education The past two decades have witnessed a great success of development in School of Management, and now it has eight departments, 16 cross-discipline research centers/institutes, three laboratories, one development center for senior managers and one management consulting firm. Overall speaking, School of Management at Fudan University is now structured to be an international-level business school. The School has nine Ph.D. Degree programs, 17 Master's Degree programs, two professional Master's Degree programs of MBA/EMBA and MPAcc, and three mobile stations for post-doctoral research on Management Science, Business Administration and Applied Economics respectively. Highly competent faculty Now the School boasts of 148 faculty members, among whom are 48 full professors and 59 associate professors. 93% of School professors hold Doctor's Degrees, including 53 who were granted diplomas from overseas and account for 35.81% of the total faculty members. Outstanding academic research potential As scientific research achievements are an important yardstick of judgment on a school's construction and development, as well as on the buildup of faculty team, the School of Management has attached great importance on scientific research from a strategic point of view. Several years of hard work has led to great success in various research areas, with some being well-reputed both home and abroad, as well as a long list of upper-level academic papers, theses and patents, an array of outstanding leaders in all kinds of academic research, and dozens of high-quality research teams. Incubator for talents Every year, so many people throng to the School of Management for further study, and they say that the School is reputed for its high-standard schooling and wonderful education environment, which accordingly lays a foundation for incubating manager-elites one after another. By the end of 2011, the school has a population of 577 undergraduates, over 3,180 Master's Degree candidates (including 1,464 MBA, 933EMBA and 207 MPAcc students), and 207 Ph.D. candidates. Meanwhile, the number of School alumni has reached more than 28, 180 Extensive scale of global cooperation The School is always actively exploring possibilities of international exchanges, and has built up cooperation and exchange programs with dozens of world's-top universities from such countries and regions as USA, Japan, Germany, France, Norway, Italy, Singapore, Hong Kong SAR, and Taiwan region. The School joined in the organization of Partnership in International Management (or...


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