Full-Time MBA Program By Instituto Panamericano de Alta Dirección de Empresa (IPADE) |TopMBA
  • Degree MBA
  • Program Type Full-Time MBA
  • Study Mode On Campus
  • Course Intensity Full Time
  • Specializations Entrepreneurship
  • International students' % 18
  • Scholarships Yes

others shortlisted this program

others shortlisted this program

The Full-Time Master Program offers you an education that is both academic and human-focused, developing your managerial potential and encouraging professional growth.  Over the course of 22 months, you will experience a transformation based on learning phases. The Program begins with a period of intellectual growth during which you will develop skills and knowledge about the techniques and art of managing a company. In the next phase, you will put that knowledge into practice. Finally, you’ll be given the opportunity to participate in an international learning experience.

At IPADE, you will be part of a global learning community made up of highly talented young professionals that will challenge you to think beyond your limits. This community will prepare you for the complex responsibilities that come with leadership in the business world

About University

IPADE Business School is a global community of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and life-long learners.
Founded in 1967, IPADE’s mission is to train future leaders with the ability to drive social and economic growth rooted in personal integrity, social responsibility, and a global vision.
Our educational model combines classroom learning and practical experience and is designed to help participants perfect their top management skills, thus contributing to the good governance of companies in Mexico and around the world.
IPADE is committed to collaborating with and learning from business schools around the world, and maintains a close relationship with two of the most prestigious international business schools through our International Advisory Committee: Harvard Business School (United States) and IESE Business School (Spain).

  • 50+ years of experience developing leaders [learn more about our history]
  • 42,000+ graduates
  • 3 permanent campuses in Mexico [learn more about our campuses]
  • Presence in Central America
Our Values
IPADE’s philosophy is based on the Christian humanism principles. We consider the person as the center and end of every organization. Our values underline the endlessly search of excellence in our collaborators and participants. We strongly promote freedom and responsibility in an environment conducive to self-transcendence.

  • Spirit of service: To help righteously and humbly: “to do and to disappear”.
  • Self-transcendence: To be aware that our passage through life is temporary. To aim high and widen perspectives.
  • Excellence: To inspire lives to discover and achieve their calling for plenitude.
  • Work. Well done, with purpose and dedication: “to be useful, serve”.
  • Unity: Plurality strengthens us, being one with the head, the team and the organization.

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