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    Mission: The core mission of the Jack Welch Management Institute is to provide students and organizations with the proven methodologies, immediately actionable practices, and respected credentials needed to win in the most demanding global business environments. By teaching the performance and people-driven management canon of Jack Welch and other renowned business leaders, the Jack Welch Management Institute prepares MBA and Certificate program graduates to transform their companies and careers.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How is the Jack Welch Management Institute different?
    In two ways: relevance and rigor. Several years ago, when Jack Welch decided to make business education his living legacy, it was because he deeply believed companies and careers can only thrive in an environment of continuous learning. Learning that is infused with both cutting-edge concepts and immediately applicable skills and tools. That's why the Jack Welch Management Institute is focused on the delivery of engaging lectures and case studies, contemporary videos, and powerful learning exercises that are all about empowering organizational and personal growth. JWMI students are learning - and applying their learning - from the day they enroll.
    How involved is Jack Welch?
    Very. Jack Welch speaks regularly to JWMI students by video about current business events and common managerial challenges. He also meets frequently with the Institute's leadership team to discuss matters of curriculum and strategic differentiation.
    Where do the teachers at the Jack Welch Management Institute come from?
    All JWMI faculty hold MBAs, Ph.D.s, or both, and all undergo a training program in Jack Welch's management philosophy and JWMI's unique educational pedagogy.
    How long does the Executive MBA take to complete?
    The beauty of an online Executive MBA is its scheduling flexibility, especially for working professionals. If a student takes two courses at a time, the Jack Welch Executive MBA can be completed in under two years. There are twelve required courses. Courses commence every 10 weeks, and take approximately 10-15 hours of work per week.

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