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    Position in the QS World University Rankings: Global MBA Rankings 2021
  • GMATRange of average GMAT scores across all MBA programs at the institution
    550-650 - Low
    651-700 - Medium
    701-800 - High
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    29-33 Yrs.


The Master of Business Administration at NCState's Jenkins Graduate School of Mangement emphasizes the management of technology.Students take an integrated core curriculum, witha focus on technology, business processes, andpractical applications in a collaborative learningenvironment. Through simulations, case studies, andprojects, students learn from real world examples andexperiences. Both full- and part-time students take acourse in managerial effectiveness, which emphasizescommunication skills, networking, negotiations, teamskills, ethics, and social responsibility.Students begin the program with core courses, thenchoose a concentration from Biotech/PharmaceuticalsManagement, Entrepreneurship and TechnologyCommercialization, Finance, Marketing Management, ProductInnovation Management, Services Management and Consulting,and Supply Chain Management. Full-time studentscomplete the program in 21 months; part-timestudents complete the program in 33 months.The technology focus of the program comes fromthree sources. First, all students take core coursesrelated to technology, including strategy, operations,and managing people in a high-tech environment.Even courses in traditional management subjects,such as economics and marketing, have a technologyslant through the choice of cases and projects usedin the course. Second, in most of the concentrations,students can take courses in technical fields, such asindustrial engineering and computer science. Third,most students have a strong technology backgroundand seek careers with high-tech companies.Management education is highly interactive.The program challenges students to become activeparticipants in their education through interactionwith faculty, peers, and the business community.Many professors formulate their courses around casediscussions, which give students an opportunity toconfront real business problems and practice the artof business communication. Class simulations andteam projects also create realistic environments fordecision making. During the first semester, studentsare assigned to a peer group of four to five people thatwill collaborate for a large portion of assignments, classprojects, and outside study. The team environmentexposes students to a wealth of contrasting experiencesand perspectives and helps build relationships.MBA students must have a baccalaureate degreefrom an accredited college or university and arestrongly encouraged to have had courses in statistics, accounting, and economics. Calculus mustbe completed prior to enrollment with a grade of Cor better. Admissions decisions are based on previousacademic performance, GMAT scores, essays,letters of reference, and previous work and volunteerexperience. International applicants must also submitTOEFL scores of at least 100 on the IBT. Interviews arerequired and are given by invitation.


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