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  • DemographyAge range of students across all MBA programs at the institution.
    35-37 Yrs.


The LIMAK Austrian Business School is Austria’s first business school and for the past thirty years has enjoyed recognition as a specialist body for the postgraduate education of managerial personnel. The School is closely linked to industry and commerce and focuses on management MBAs and leadership programs (university training courses, Master in Management (MIM) and Executive MBAs), as well as tailor-made management development. The educational range available is both scientifically substantiated and practice-oriented and offers an extensive portfolio for managers from differing levels of responsibility: - basic management principles (university training courses) - solution-oriented measures, specifically designed for individual companies (LIMAK IN.SPIRE) - extensive managerial qualifications (Master’s and Executive MBA programs) To date, 13,076 managers and 945 Executive MBA graduates have invested their trust in the LIMAK. Small wonder, as the LIMAK faculty includes leading national and international professors, top managers and consultants, who provide teaching in line with the LIMAK competence model, offer living internationality and a strict application orientation. As a result, the LIMAK faculty has developed a spirit that is not only directed towards performance, but also solidarity, thus ensuring that graduates remain in contact with both their colleagues and our institution.


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