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Expressed in its still-relevant motto Urbi et Orbi, the mission of LIU since 1926 has been to open the doors of the city and the world to men and women of all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds who wish to achieve the satisfaction of the educated life and to serve the public good. Its mission is to awaken, enlighten and expand the minds of its students.

Generation after generation, the students who have enrolled at LIU Brooklyn have come from varied, primarily urban backgrounds. Like their predecessors, many of today's students are new to America and new to the English language or are the first in their families to seek a university education. At LIU Brooklyn, all students find an academic community where cultural, ethnic, religious, racial, sexual, and individual differences are respected and where commonalities are affirmed. This requires the Campus to be open and welcoming, even as it maintains respect for intellectual, cultural and academic traditions.


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Thursday, 21st Nov 2019
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