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  • DurationHow long it normally takes to complete the program.
    18 months

Mannheim Executive MBA Overview

The Mannheim Executive MBA comprises more than mere knowledge transfer; it is a holistic approach and a personal journey. The program consists of a variety of elements which are perfectly matched to one another, and they all have one goal: to help participants to enhance their skills as a qualified, decisive, socially competent, and responsible top performer. 


 Among these elements are, for example, fundamental courses, elective courses, two study trips to the U.S. and Asia, two leadership block, Personal Development Days, a Social Class Project, and a Strategic Business Project.


 The Mannheim Executive MBA experience does not end on the day of the graduation. Quite the contrary, Mannheim Business School wishes to continue being its alumni's most important partner when it comes to their personal and professional development. Therefore, all alumni are welcome to participate in the Personal Development Days and Elective Courses for another three years after graduation.


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