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Master of Business Administration Overview

The Monash MBA is a two-year program designed for professionals with 3-7 years’ experience. The program combines cutting-edge business skills development with extensive practical project experience, opportunities for the completion of an international business project and an advanced and integrated leadership and professional development program.  We constantly strive for the right balance between intellectual rigour and experiential learning. This is a powerful way to add immediate impact to the learning, skills and experiences of our students.

The Leadership and Personal Development Program is an integral part of the MBA Programs and includes critical and reflective work on personal style, networking and career management. This focal aspect of the Monash MBA supports the development of transformational leaders with a global perspective, agility and integrity.

Entry requirements We believe that students benefit from sharing their learning experience with like-minded individuals of similar professional standing. Therefore, we offer two separate MBA courses, each with their specific entry requirements:

Monash MBA entry requirements

  • An Australian bachelor's degree or an equivalent qualification
  • A minimum of three years' work experience with at least one year of professional/managerial experience
  • A minimum English language proficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How would you describe Monash MBA?

The Monash MBA is a two-year program that incorporates class-based learning, experiential modules, supervised consulting projects and an overseas international business module. Designed for ambitious young professionals with a minimum of three years work experience, it combines academic, practical and reflective dimensions. The Monash Leadership and Professional Development modules develop critical executive capabilities and personal leadership style. The programme brings together international and local students with a wide range of professional and cultural backgrounds, and is committed to a global orientation in all of its activities.

What makes the Monash MBA special and what is the profile of the MBA class

In the Monash MBA program we constantly strive for the right balance of the intellectual rigour of a graduate university programme and the application capabilities necessary for management practice.

This requires us to combine the leading insights of our research-oriented academic staff with the hardwon experience of reflective executives and leaders. So, for example, in our MBA consulting projects we work directly with firms in cutting-edge technologies and develop the entrepreneurial insights and skills that are increasingly sought by progressive organisations and employers.

What is the profile of your students?

The profile of students on the Monash MBA programme is truly diverse. For example, in the 2016 class of 70 students, the international cohort represents one-third of the student body, from 22  different countries. Women make up 40% of the class.

All of the major business sectors are represented, and the professional backgrounds include engineering, science, the arts, medicine, healthcare and commerce. Such diversity in the classroom engenders a respect for different social and cultural backgrounds and helps participants to embrace new and enlightening perspectives.

Describe the structure of your programme?

The two-year model commences with MBA Orientation and then moves through a series of broad-based strategic issues and functional and operational disciplines. At all stages of the program students engage directly with businesses and organisations on consulting project work. Projects on strategy, technology and entrepreneurship are designed into the programme, and an international business project and strategy capstone complete the journey. Study is undertaken in a combination of daytime, evening, occasional weekend and intensive study modes.

What business areas do your students generally enter after graduation?

Monash MBA graduates take up positions in a wide range of sectors and roles. In many cases, students return to their original employers to move into more senior managerial positions. Students who are seeking a change of career deliberately seek opportunities in new sectors and often in new countries. Undertaking MBA projects in different and challenging areas provides a terrific opportunity to experience new contexts and sectors.

What advice would you give to potential candidates?

Applicants for the MBA program should be able to communicate clearly their expectations of the programme. Demonstrating a sound knowledge of the purpose and role of an MBA is important at a general level; being informed about the particular details and content of a specific programme is critical for a formal application. Connecting their personal career plans with the programme they are applying for is the key.

And applicants should always remember to outline what they can contribute to their classmates’ learning, and show how they can add real value to the experience.

The Monash MBA Program commences early in the year and there are three application rounds for international candidates:

  • Round 1 closes 31 May
  • Round 2 closes 31 July
  • Round 3 closes 30 September

You can apply in any one of the three application rounds each year. We recommend applying early for the best chance of admission. You will also have exclusive access to our invitation-only networking events and master classes.

When submitting your application, ensure that you provide the following documentation:

  • Your resume
  • Certified copies of academic transcripts (including English language test results if applicable)
  • Statement of purpose  - A key characteristic of the Monash MBA programs is the business experience that students bring to the classroom. As part of your application, you are therefore required to include a one-page statement of purpose outlining your reasons for applying to the Monash MBA, and what you think you can contribute to the program. In addition, your statement of purpose should include whether you will be sponsored by your employer.
  • Two professional referees - The Monash MBA managerial or professional work requirement ensures that you will be sharing your experience with other professionals positioned to advance their careers. In your application, you must demonstrate that you meet the minimal work experience requirements for the program you are applying for, including professional/managerial experience.  As part of your application, please provide contact details of two professional referees in a position of seniority who can attest to your work experience. Please provide the following:
    • Full name
    • Position title
    • Company name
    • Email
    • Contact telephone number
  • You will also be invited to an interview.

Monash MBA entry requirements

  • An Australian bachelor's degree or an equivalent qualification
  • A minimum of three years' work experience with at least one year of professional/managerial experience
  • A minimum English language proficiency.

For more information, visit our website: