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  • DurationHow long it normally takes to complete the program.
    15 months
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Rochester-Bern Executive MBA Overview

Rochester-Bern Executive Programs is a Swiss foundation promoting postgraduate education in the area of business administration. The foundation is affiliated with two universities, its parent institution, the Simon Business School at the University of Rochester, on the one hand, and the Universität Bern, where it is headquartered, on the other hand.

In times of continuous change, managers need an integrated approach to thinking about management problems and a thorough understanding of the cross-functional nature of business decisions. We provide the tools necessary to analyze, design, implement, manage, and lead successful business strategies. They prepare you to meet the challenges posed by today’s corporate world.

The Rochester-Bern Executive MBA provides you with a holistic understanding of all management topics, helps you develop your leadership skills, and prepares you for a professional future where change, digitalization, and the demand for sustainability are omnipresent.


The Rochester-Bern EMBA program begins in January and meets biweekly on Fridays and Saturdays until the end of May in Thun (Switzerland).  Participants then spend an intensive summer residency of four weeks at the University of Rochester (NY, USA).  Thereafter, instruction continues in Switzerland from mid-August until graduation in May of the following year.  During spring beforehand, a one-week seminar takes place in Shanghai (China).  The total duration of the program is 17 months.


18 well-integrated credit courses are taught in English and follow a logical sequence proceeding from fundamental tools to strategy considerations.  Two courses relating to soft skills complement the curriculum.  Study teams are an integral part of the program.  Capstone of the program is the completion of a real-life business plan.


Courses are taught by outstanding professors, who are hand-picked from all over the world (16 professors from 8 different universities).  In Europe, we can choose from the best on the continent and in the US, we build on the renowned faculty of the University of Rochester.  Our professors have impressive track records in research and are actively involved in consulting to the business community as well as to government and regulatory agencies.

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