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    31 Yrs.


S P Jain School of Global Management is an Australian business school with campuses in Sydney, Singapore, Mumbai and Dubai. Our education ethos is strongly influenced by our mission of crafting global business leaders for the 21st century workplace. With a pathbreaking multi-campus learning model and a new-age Business Education 2.0 curriculum, we pride ourselves on providing you a learning experience that is modern, relevant and truly global.

S P Jain School of Global Management is ranked in the Top 100 by The Economist Full-Time MBA Rankings (2015), Top 10 by Forbes, USA, Best International one- year MBAs (2015-2016) and in the Top 20 Best International Business School Rankings (2013-2014). S P Jain was also ranked in the Top 100 by the Financial Times, UK, Global MBA rankings (2011 and 2012). It also has the distinction of being ranked by Nielsen Research as the number one institution of higher learning in the UAE and has many more international accolades to its credit.

Learning objectives of our EMBA

  • Part-time Program
  • Industry relevant curriculum
  • Cutting-edge Electives
  • Global Distinguished Faculty
  • Experiential Learning
  • Peer group and Networking
  • Graduating with an Australian Degree
  • Emphasis on Personal Effectiveness and Leadership

Learning objectives of our GMBA

  • Gain the latest disciplinary and interdisciplinary business and management knowledge to aid planning and control in a dynamic global environment
  • Understand business issues and acquire disciplinary and interdisciplinary skills to responsibly solve problems in local and global contexts
  • Make sound decisions and solve complex business problems using problem with the use of tools and models
  • Think critically and reason analytically to acquire skills to make reasoned and sound business decisions
  • Apply innovative techniques to address new issues and generate ideas for sustainable growth
  • Attain professional written and verbal communication skills tailored to the needs of various audiences as well as for impromptu purposes. Students should develop effective interpersonal communication: mindful listening, empathy, and reliability

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E : [email protected] | SMS 'MBA' to 3811

P : 04 818 9686


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