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    27 Yrs.


Ideal for collaborative learners who want to experience new venture creation in its many forms, The Sofaer Global MBA at Tel Aviv University immerses students in all aspects of entrepreneurship. Located in the heart of Israel’s startup ecosystem, the program combines theory and practice in a complementary way. In the classroom, students learn tech-centric topics unique to the startup context. Out in the startup world, students are exposed to the vitality and complexity of competitive ventures.

The student body is made up of scientists, engineers, design thinkers, and entrepreneurs who learn from one another, in structured and less formal collaborations. In this unique cauldron of innovation, new ideas take root and grow.

The program is AACSB accredited. Candidates study from October to August, with an optional fall semester in one of over 100 partner universities worldwide. For those who wish to stay in Israel, the program provides the perfect stepping stone to employment opportunities among startups, tech companies, and venture capital funds. For those who intend to work in their home countries or elsewhere, the program provides international-standard market-ready skills and opens new horizons.

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