QS Connect MBA

The QS Connect MBA events offers you a unique opportunity to sit down for prescheduled meetings, face-to-face with MBA admissions directors from the world’s top business schools. We match your profile with participating schools for tailored 30 minute personal meetings.

Visiting QS Connect MBA entitles you to: Personal meetings with business school admissions directors; Free help with finding your perfect MBA program; A unique matching service based on both yours and the business schools requirements; Free consultation from our team of MBA experts; Discuss post MBA career opportunities with experts.

QS Connect MBA events are free to attend but you should register in advance as places are very limited. 

Tour Dates

+ EMBA = including Executive MBA Tour
+ WIL = including Women in Leadership Tour



25th July 2018
29th September 2018
01st October 2018
04th October 2018
06th October 2018
13th October 2018
22nd October 2018
23rd October 2018
25th October 2018
27th October 2018
03rd November 2018


08th October 2014
18th March 2015
24th September 2015
23rd February 2016
03rd October 2016
25th February 2018
26th February 2018
28th February 2018
01st March 2018
05th March 2018
08th March 2018
12th March 2018
13th March 2018
19th March 2018
21st March 2018
22nd March 2018
26th March 2018

Latin America


01st September 2018
03rd September 2018
05th September 2018
11th September 2018
13th September 2018
15th September 2018


13th February 2016
18th September 2017

USA & Canada


September 8th 2018
September 12th 2018
September 15th 2018
September 22nd 2018
September 23rd 2018


January 20th 2014
January 31st 2016

Middle East


22nd September 2018


21st February 2018



27th October 2018
04th November 2018
12th November 2018


06th November 2016
30th October 2017
15th April 2018
17th April 2018
19th April 2018
21st April 2018



06th October 2014
03rd September 2016
05th September 2016
07th September 2016
10th September 2016



20th May 2018
24th May 2018
27th May 2018
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Just tell us where you are based and we will get in touch once we have an event there.

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Will an MBA help me get a better job?

According to the latest QS Jobs & Salary Trends Report, job opportunities for MBAs increased by 14% in 2015. The MBA qualification continues to play a central role in the current global economy. Meet top business schools’ alumni and career advisors at one of our MBA events to discover MBA career opportunities.

What will I get out of a QS Connect MBA event?

Apart from pre-arranged 30 minute one-to-one sessions with attending business schools, our experienced MBA consultants can also help you to identify your options and educate you on the opportunities available in the run up to your event. Once you have registered with your CV, our experienced MBA consultants will review your experience and then tailor a fully personalised schedule of 30 minute meetings based on the schools' requirements and your own study needs. Previous Connect MBA participants have used this opportunity to develop a good rapport with representatives from schools they have gone on to attend.

Is this MBA event free to participate?

Absolutely. We do not charge candidates to attend the QS Connect MBA events.