QS World MBA Tour


The QS World MBA Tour offers you the opportunity to meet with MBA admissions officers and alumni from top business schools around the world.

Attend our events to receive advice on your MBA admissions strategy, improve your GMAT or GRE scores, and find out how to apply for $7 million in scholarships.  

Tour Dates

+ EMBA = including Executive MBA Tour
+ WIL = including Women in Leadership Tour



25th July 2018
29th September 2018
29th September 2018
01st October 2018
04th October 2018
06th October 2018
08th October 2018
10th October 2018
13th October 2018
15th October 2018
22nd October 2018
23rd October 2018
25th October 2018
27th October 2018
29th October 2018
30th October 2018
01st November 2018
03rd November 2018


25th March 2014
01st April 2014
19th March 2015
24th September 2015
01st October 2015
05th February 2016
23rd February 2016
24th October 2016
27th March 2017
26th February 2018
28th February 2018
08th March 2018
13th March 2018
22nd March 2018
26th March 2018

India - Study in the US


28th July 2018
30th July 2018
02nd August 2018
04th August 2018

Asia Premium


23rd August 2018
25th August 2018
26th August 2018
28th August 2018
30th August 2018


24th August 2016
01st September 2016
21st August 2017

Latin America


27th August 2018
28th August 2018
30th August 2018
01st September 2018
04th September 2018
06th September 2018
08th September 2018
10th September 2018
12th September 2018


02nd March 2015
13th February 2016
30th August 2016
01st September 2016
08th February 2017
14th September 2017
16th September 2017
18th September 2017

USA & Canada


September 6th 2018
September 8th 2018
September 11th 2018
September 13th 2018
September 15th 2018
September 17th 2018
September 19th 2018
September 20th 2018
September 22nd 2018
September 23rd 2018
September 25th 2018
September 27th 2018
October 10th 2018
October 11th 2018
October 13th 2018
October 16th 2018
October 17th 2018
October 18th 2018
October 20th 2018
October 22nd 2018
October 23rd 2018
October 25th 2018
October 27th 2018
October 29th 2018


February 8th 2017
May 16th 2017
October 25th 2017

Middle East


22nd September 2018
24th September 2018
26th September 2018


25th November 2015
16th May 2016
18th May 2016
01st October 2017
21st February 2018



01st November 2018
08th November 2018
10th November 2018
13th November 2018
15th November 2018
18th November 2018
20th November 2018
22nd November 2018


03rd November 2016
22nd November 2016
31st October 2017
12th April 2018
14th April 2018
15th April 2018
17th April 2018



28th November 2017
07th December 2017
20th May 2018
22nd May 2018
24th May 2018
27th May 2018



10th May 2018
12th May 2018
14th May 2018
16th May 2018
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Will an MBA help me get a better job?

According to the latest QS Jobs & Salary Trends Report, job opportunities for MBAs increased by 12% in 2012. The MBA qualification continues to play a central role in the current global economy. Meet top business schools’ alumni and career advisors at one of our MBA events to discover MBA career opportunities.

Is the GMAT™ required for all MBA admissions?

MBA admissions requirements vary depending on the business school. While the GMAT™ is the most widely-accepted MBA admissions exam, there are cases where business schools accept the GRE as an alternative. Join one of our MBA events to learn about the MBA admissions requirements at top business schools and get GMAT™ preparation advice and tips.

How should I prepare for attending an MBA fair?

Going to an MBA fair means you’re serious about your business and career prospects. List in advance the business schools that would fit your criteria. Prepare a set of questions that you would want answered at the event to make an informed decision. First impression always counts so make sure you have your best attire and smartest looks. Your resume can always prove useful as well, as many of the business schools are interested to know more about the candidates they meet.