Ted Rogers MBA

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  • DemographyAverage age of students across all MBA programs at the institution.
    29 Yrs.
  • ScholarshipIndication as to whether the institution provides scholarships for MBA programs.


The Ted Rogers MBA program is equipping business leaders with the creativity, real-world skills and courage to foster collaboration and shape success. Named by The Economist as among the top 100 MBA schools worldwide in 2016, the program is renowned for developing students to be uniquely prepared leaders who foresee solutions where others don’t.


Upcoming Events

Sunday, 20th May 2018 |
13:30 - 18:00
Tuesday, 22nd May 2018 |
16:30 - 21:00
Thursday, 24th May 2018 |
16:30 - 21:00
Sunday, 27th May 2018 |
13:30 - 18:00

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