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9 Business Networking Apps that Help Build your Professional Network

By Katy Webster

Updated April 14, 2023 Updated April 14, 2023

By Dawn Z Bournand

Business networking is such an essential part of an executive’s life today that it needs to be done on an almost daily basis. With these 9 networking apps, not only are you able to build your professional network on a regular basis, you can now do it anywhere, anytime. So grab your smartphone or tablet and let the networking begin.

1.    WhatsApp

Fed up with expensive overseas SMS charges? Just acquired by Facebook, WhatsApp is a mobile messaging app that allows you to message someone without having to pay typical network charges. For busy executives on the go, this is an ideal way to stay in touch with those back home or in your destination city without having to pay extra charges for being out of your regular cellular service area.

2.    Planely

Tired of traveling alone? Planely wants to help. Planely’s mission is to socialize travel and create millions of new personal and professional relationships. Planely uses the Tripit app to connect your contacts’ travel information to yours so that you can see who might be traveling at the same time. In just three steps you can be connected with a travel buddy: 1) Type in when and where you are flying 2) The networking app will let you know who in your professional network will also be traveling 3) Connect for a great travel experience, rideshare or business networking opportunity.

3.    WhosHere

Want to meet new people to add to your professional network wherever you are? WhosHere combines GPS location capabilities with a social networking platform to connect users based on their geographical location. Through the networking app, you can find others with similar interests and connect with them real-time via text messaging. You can review profiles of people close by and wait until you find a subject of similar interest before introducing yourself.

4.    Bump

Don’t have a pen and paper handy to get that all important new business networking contact information? Bump to the rescue. By simply bumping two phones together, you can share contact information, photos, videos and files. The app also allows you to sync with your computer and share your valuable information with not so close by contacts. You never know when a chance encounter could materialize into a real prospect down the line.

5.    Google Voice

Do you have a hard time keeping all of your phone lines and phone numbers straight? Google Voice offers a simple and fluid solution. You no longer have to miss important domestic or international calls because Google Voice lets you combine your personal phone numbers into one single overlay number so that your calls are forwarded to one line. If that weren’t cool enough, Google voice also routes transcribed voicemail texts directly into your email box.

6.    FourSquare

Looking for something interesting to do and wouldn’t mind getting rewarded with special deals or new contacts while you’re at it? Then Foursquare is the business networking app for you. Foursquare allows users to ‘check in’ at stores, bars, and other establishments when they physically arrive, and to find recommendations for what to do there, and other nearby places. At the same time you can benefit from getting advice from others who have already visited or may even be there at the same moment, as well as possibly getting a special bonus or discount from the establishment you are visiting.

7.    MeetUp

Want to meet like-minded professionals with similar interest? Look no further than the MeetUp app. This networking app allows you to access an extremely popular, international platform through which you can find MeetUps around a wide variety of topics, including entrepreneurship, women in business, and technology, as well as painting, cooking and jogging and many others. Just enter your location and interests, and you will get a listing of all of the group meetings taking place close by.

8.    Google Hangouts

Feel like chatting with a group of colleagues or friends around the world? Google Hangouts lets you easily create group video chats with people around the globe in just a few clicks. With the Google Hangouts app you can take your group chats with you and continue to communicate while on the go. You can also share photos, text and videos with up to 10 people via this powerful and (surprisingly) free application.

9.    Card Munch

Want a simple and easy way to gather business cards without having to sort through a pile of small bits of paper at your desk the next day? Card Munch business card reader offers an incredibly easy solution to build your professional network. With this app, you simply photograph the image with the app software and the card details are automatically added to your address book contacts and can even be uploaded to your LinkedIn account as new connections. Bye-bye lost business cards…

This article was originally published in February 2014 . It was last updated in April 2023

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