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QS applicant survey 2013

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The aims and aspirations of future business leaders

The 2013 edition of annual QS TopMBA Applicant Survey, produced since the 1990s, provides an in-depth look at the career goals, motivations and demographic trends of the business leaders of the future.
As well as facts and statistics, taken from a survey of over 4,100 MBA applicants from across the world, the report contains expert analysis from authors Danny Byrne and Nunzio Quacquarelli, and commentary from representatives of a global range of elite business schools.

This year's key findings include

  • Average target salary of MBA applicants has fallen from US$126,500 to US$113,000.
  • The mean age of MBA applicants is higher in every region than in 2008, despite a single year drop in the global average.
  • The proportion of candidates who aim to be running their own business in 10 years continues to drop.
  • The percentage of MBA applicants who are relying on a scholarship has risen from 45% in 2008 to 61.1%.
  • Number of MBA applicants thinking of studying India and China has increased substantially.
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