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QS Scholarship Winner & Chicago Booth MBA Alumnus: Update

By Tim Dhoul

Updated August 29, 2019 Updated August 29, 2019

A Chicago Booth MBA graduate from the class of 2009, Konstantin Magaletskyi was also the recipient of a QS World MBA Tour Scholarship. When TopMBA last spoke to him, he was deeply immersed in the first year of his MBA experience in the US. So, catching up with him some four years after his graduation seemed like a great opportunity to reflect back on the value of an MBA both for Konstantin himself and for those thinking of treading a similar path.


‘No such thing as a free lunch’ says Chicago Booth alumnus

Looking back, Magaletskyi says that the most important lesson he learnt at Chicago Booth that has helped him in his career since has been the truth behind the popular business saying, ‘There is no such thing as free lunch’. No explanation needed, but it just goes to show that sayings such as these are not formed without good evidence behind them!

He certainly has no regrets about his choice of school, relishing the atmosphere at Chicago Booth and taking advantage of its connections to secure an enlightening internship at Deutsche Bank’s London office, as well as a second internship for his current employer, Horizon Capital, a US$600m private equity fund actively investing in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Moldova.

Horizon Capital: Combining entrepreneurship and economic growth

At the time of his Chicago Booth MBA, Magaletskyi had entrepreneurial aspirations and was considering launching a startup on graduation. However, he was also keen to work within investment finance and, as he said in 2008, to “contribute to the economic growth of my country.”

It therefore seems that his current role as a Principal at Horizon Capital, where he is based in Kiev, represents the perfect marriage of these passions. Magaletskyi says in particular that “entrepreneurship and working both with and as an entrepreneur is a central aspect” of his work in private equity. And it is a role he greatly enjoys. So much so, in fact, that he says, “I am not looking too far ahead”, but is instead reveling in his present work with Horizon Capital.

His current satisfaction allows thoughts to return to Konstantin’s time studying abroad in the US when he started his Chicago Booth MBA experience without his wife, who remained in Ukraine to focus on developing her own career in banking. “I know many marriages experience difficulties either during or after an MBA. I think two years apart would have been too much but fortunately my wife was able to join me in the US after one year,” he says. In April 2013 his wife gave birth to twin boys.

Respect for the value of an MBA

Magaletskyi greatly appreciates the value of an MBA and how it has impacted on his career. Indeed, he urges others who are thinking about following in his footsteps to give the application process the respect it deserves. “You’ve got to put the time in to do your research, pass the GMAT, write admissions essays and so on,” he says, before advising any fellow Ukrainians looking to get this process started to, “go to the QS World MBA Tour event in Kiev.

In fact, at the start of Konstantin’s MBA journey, he visited the QS World MBA Tour not once, but twice. This ultimately resulted in him not only securing his place on the Chicago Booth MBA but also funding, through the QS Scholarship and Chicago Booth Fellowship. Speaking about the event he attended in Ukraine back in 2007, Magaletskyi said, “This event is a rare possibility for most Ukrainians to have personal communication with the schools, as there are many difficulties both financial and regulative [visas] that makes it difficult for Ukrainians to visit western schools.”

This article was originally published in September 2013 . It was last updated in August 2019

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