Interactive Online GMAT Training

Interactive Online GMAT Training

Thinking of doing an MBA and need to take the GMAT? finds out how to prepare and take the test online. 

Virtual learning has made it possible for busy professionals to earn their MBAs without the constraint of distance while working full-time. Meanwhile, it has also brought time and cost effective GMAT preparation to MBA applicants around the world.With minimal travel time required, the flexibility for students to take GMAT courses in their office or home, and the option to review a full 50-hour GMAT online recording library with unlimited access, Manhattan Review's interactive live 9-session online GMAT training courses have certainly provided a tailored approach to the GMAT study to keep its students around the world motivated and reach their preparation goals.

Manhattan Review currently offers its state-of-the-arts GMAT Live Interactive Online Courses in the WebEx classroom on a global basis on selected dates. With a total class time of 28 hours over 9 weeks and minimal travel time, this is often an international student's favourite choice. Its upcoming Live Interactive Online Courses will be offered on the following dates: Jan 13 - March 17 - 9 Sat (Global access! New York: 8-11am; Europe: afternoon; Asia: evening) Jan 27 - March 24 - 9 Sat (Global access! New York: 1-4pm; Europe: late afternoon to early evening) What makes Manhattan Review's Interactive Online Global GMAT Long Course different and worthwhile for you? Manhattan Review's instructors are able to use an electronic pen to write math solutions and verbal concepts on a special electronic tablet. Therefore you can learn and take notes just as if you were sitting in a classroom. It is the first true Interactive Online GMAT Course with Live Whiteboard Teaching vs. pre-made slide presentation. This is made possible via Manhattan Review's special partnership with a leader in Electronic Whiteboard technology.

Students can speak through microphones or text message with instructors in real time regardless of their internet connection speed. This is made possible through Manhattan Review's partnership with WebEx, the leader in Web Training Centers with the largest private global network of more than 30 servers around the world, offering more than 99.99% reliability and providing 128-bit SSL and AES encryption to ensure security.

These classes are delivered in Your Own Time Zone in Pan-Asia, Americas, Europe and Africa by Manhattan Review's instructors located worldwide. Their virtual courses improve student performance, real understanding and active learning by integrating live, fast and high-quality interaction into distance learning. Instructors can select insightful student questions via the Q&A panel for entire classroom discussion, not just passively type back answers. Students can share the online whiteboard with the instructor in real-time when working out a problem or asking a question.

Online students can reinforce their learning by reviewing all the recorded sessions in the online GMAT library at their own pace. What if a student misses a class? No worries. Those super quality recordings are at their fingertips 24 hours a day. This course also gives you more than 20%  savings from the price of a comparable classroom course. There are dedicated instructors for the entire course and lots of real GMAT questions for in-class practice, not to mention in-depth Q&A sessions! The course tuition includes:

  1. Manhattan Review's proprietary Turbocharge Your GMAT course material (including 4 comprehensive study and solution guides, 3 vocabulary lists, and 3 on-line challenging CATs).
  2. Continuous support from staff to answer any other questions you may have.
  3. Discount on MBA admissions consultation and private tutoring for the GMAT and many other subjects related to business school studies and career advancement. To find out more and to sign up for free GMAT and MBA admissions tips, please check out Manhattan Review's online technology and upcoming course list.
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