MBA Recommendation Letters Do and Don’ts: Video

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The majority of the constituent parts of an MBA application are very much in your own hands. You put together your own résumé and/or CV, you write your own essays and you sit the GMAT test yourself (well, we hope you do anyway). However, things are slightly different when it comes to your recommendation letters, for which you are going to have to put yourself in the hands of one or two of your workplace superiors.

Now, of course, in a way this will have been very much in your hands, as it’s going to be down to your performance at your place of work. So, it’s important to choose someone with whom you enjoy a close professional relationship, so they can provide something meaningful. Certainly do not fall into the trap of just trying to get someone from as high up the food chain as possible.

Below, Sue Balint of Westminster Business School in the UK, explains what it is you should ask of your recommender so the school can glean something useful from his or her letter.

What makes a good recommendation letter?

Written by Mansoor Iqbal

Mansoor is a contributor to and former editor of TopMBA.com. He is a higher and business education specialist, who has been published in media outlets around the world. He studied English literature at BA and MA level and has a background in consumer journalism.

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