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Desautels MBAs to Manage Montrealean Mines: MBA News

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This week 45 MBA students of the Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University, Canada, embarked upon a field trip to Labrador City in Montreal as part of a recent partnership with mining business Iron Ore Company of Canada (IOC). The students went to the IOC’s mines in northern Canada to act as consultants for eight ongoing projects.

During the trip the students met with Zoe Yujnovich, the President and CEO of IOC, who co-teaches an MBA class on CEO insights at Desautels. Yujnovich said of the program: “supporting educational partnerships has always been important to IOC and I am thrilled to be able to further those partnerships to include McGill University. We were honored to have the Desautels Faculty of Management spend some time with us in Labrador City to see first-hand what we do.” The MBAs were also introduced to the Mayor of Labrador City and current employees of the IOC.

Professor Karl Moore, fellow teacher on the CEO insights class with Yujnovich, took the trip to Labrador City with his students and cited it as invaluable to their learning. “The mining industry is experiencing an increasing demand for MBA students. Environmental issues and regulatory pressure is requiring greater management skills, and so exposing our business school students to this will offer them an insight and contact base that could impact massively on their career.”

IOC experience to give Desautels students head start in mining business

Moore continues; “Many of our students will want to go on and fill roles as senior executives and CEOs in companies such as IOC, and having them visit a variety of industries such as the mining one will expand their outlook and network base. Also seeing firsthand the mining process gives the students a better appreciation of business from top to bottom.”

The students will now work on their projects until late December 2013 when they will present their work to Moore and Yujnovich along with members of her executive team.

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