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GMAC’s New Graduate School Search Tool Makes Life Easier: MBA News

GMAC’s New Graduate School Search Tool Makes Life Easier: MBA News main image

This week, GMAC launched its new graduate school search tool where prospective students will be able to access updated information for over 5,600 business and management programs. The school finder is to be found on MBA.com, the ‘Official Site of the GMAT’ that is visited by nearly half a million prospective graduate students each month.

GMAC, the Graduate Management Admissions Council, as well as running the MBA.com site, also conducts the GMAT, the test used as part of the admission process in over 2,100 business management schools worldwide.

The new initiative has been launched in order to make each student’s graduate school search much easier. Reliable information on each program at every listed school will be easily accessible and interactive support is available throughout the process of finding the right school.

The president of GMAC, Sangeet Chowfla, says that students need “reliable information that helps them better understand the relative merits of the schools they are exploring and the best match for their skills and career aspirations. This reduces the risk of making the wrong decision and increases the probability of an experience that is a good fit for the student.”

MBA.com revamp means updated website along with program comparison features

The new graduate school search tool has been launched with the whole redesign of the MBA.com website. The site now has a new look and expanded features including in-depth information about sitting and studying for the GMAT exam, video clips which offer advice from current students and admissions officers, news regarding upcoming recruiting and admissions events along with scholarship and application deadlines. The site is now also a globalized site which enables users to tailor their search by region on a variety of multi-platform devices.

The data presented on the graduate school search tool, which has been compiled by GMAC, can be compared side by side and includes over 1,700 enhanced program profiles. There is a save function which allows students to return to a school they are interested in at a later date.

MBA.com, according to David Moldavsky the vice president of GMAC’s marketing and communications, “gives credible, accurate, and timely information” that will be updated regularly “to make the site even more useful and easier to use.” Moldavsky continues, “It’s part of our ongoing mission to connect students and schools, and grow management education around the world.”

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