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Henley Business School to Encourage Entrepreneurship in Asia: MBA News

Henley Business School to Encourage Entrepreneurship in Asia: MBA News main image

Henley Business School has announced a new initiative aimed at fostering a spirit of entrepreneurship which will see bursaries worth up to 25% of tuition fees being offered to those interested in taking the school’s Flexible Executive MBA at its Hong Kong campus.  

The initiative will run in conjunction with Hong Kong’s English-speaking Entrepreneurs Club (E-Club), which describes the roster of speakers at its monthly events as a veritable ‘who's who in Hong Kong’.

The terms of this partnership will see the director of Henley Business School's Centre for Entrepreneurship, Professor Andrew Godley, become a special advisor to the E-Club and to provide guidance on developing qualities of entrepreneurship amongst its members.

In return, Henley will enjoy the chance to connect with some of Hong Kong’s finest emerging entrepreneurs. Neil Logan is the Asia Pacific director for Henley Business School. In a press release for the school, he said, “Our collaboration with the E-Club presents The Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship with a further opportunity to work hand-in-hand with some of the brightest and most innovative businesses in the world."

Bursary scheme targets small to medium-sized enterprises

The bursary scheme put in place by Henley Business School is for members of the E-Club who wish to build upon their strategic management and leadership skills. Recipients of the bursary will receive financial assistance for the flexible EMBA offered by Henley’s Asia campus in Hong Kong. The two-year program combines online and face-to-face arrangements to allow people to continue working full-time for its duration.

Developing a spirit of entrepreneurship is an aim that the E-Club and Henley both share. As Logan explains, “It reinforces our commitment to inspire potential entrepreneurs to start their own enterprising ventures and to encourage existing businesses to develop their potential." It is for this reason perhaps that, according to Logan, the focus will primarily be on small to medium-sized ventures.

E-Club vice president and director, Ms. Lizette Smook, welcomed the initiative. She said, “We are looking forward to working with Henley's Professor Andrew Godley to provide further inspiration, support and advice to E-Club members who will be able to leverage from his experience in entrepreneurial education.”

The E-Club has been in existence since 2002 and has a membership policy requiring only that new joiners share its passion and spirit for entrepreneurship.

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