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Thursday, December 05, 2013 at 12am

Online Game Offers Scholarship Route onto Simon MBA: MBA News

Online Game Offers Scholarship Route onto Simon MBA: MBA News main image

Simon Business School has expanded the online game it has used as an innovative recruitment tool for EMBA applicants since 2010 to encompass both the full and part-time Simon MBA programs.

The ‘Simon Games’ represents a chance for prospective MBAs to test their business acumen in a bid to win a full scholarship to a Simon MBA program, worth more than US$90,000. With partially-funded places also up for grabs, it is expected that the total scholarship fund will amount to around US$540,000.

The online game simulates the world of a technology company, placing the participant in the role of a CEO who has US$9 million to use at his or her discretion and must lead the company’s decision-making process each day.

It plays out over the course of four weeks (or two years game-time) before those who score highest are invited to appear before a Simon MBA panel of faculty and administrators. The scholarships will then be awarded based on MBA program preparedness, analytical skills demonstrated during the competition, and their professional background.

Scholarship fund initially for Simon Business School EMBA applicants

Up until this year, the online game was targeted solely at prospective EMBA students. Last year 74 people took part and a scholarship fund of roughly US$325,000 was dispensed.

“For startup entrepreneurs in particular, I think there is no better path to a top quality business school than winning the Simon Games. Even if you don’t win, the experience and networking opportunities are more than worth the time investment”, said one of last year’s winners, Adam Grossman, in a press release for the school.

Taking part in this year’s Simon Games involves enrolling in the scholarship fund scheme for the game and submitting a résumé to prove a competitor’s suitability. However, a full application to Simon Business School is not required. Registration is to be done by the start of February 2014, so there should be plenty of time for budding participants to prepare.

Using an online game as a Simon MBA recruitment tool is another example of Simon Business School’s efforts to revamp their image. Thus far, this has included switching its name from Simon School of Business and telling its students to ‘toughen up’ in a change of school motto.

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