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How UK Business Schools Can Turn Brexit into a Positive main image
07 Jun 2018
Brexit needn't be a cause for concern among the UK's leading universities and business schools. Here's what they should be doing.
Study abroad experience in the UK
22 Nov 2016
From China to the UK. Yue Chen describes her study abroad experience since opting for a pre-experience master’s in management degree in London.
Executive MBA scholarships at the University of Edinburgh
18 Jun 2015
Five executive MBA scholarships up for grabs at the University of Edinburgh Business School with a view to fuelling five key industries in Scotland.
TOPMBA UK by date
Warwick Business School at the Shard
25 Nov 2014
The desire to make a bold statement influenced Warwick Business School’s decision to take up residence in London’s Shard building, says its dean.
Manchester Business School to undergo name-change
17 Oct 2014
Donation of £15 million to result in name-change for Manchester Business School and a former Formula One boss meets MBA students in this week’s round-up.
Oxford MBA students worked with Radiohead's management on album release
16 Oct 2014
Oxford MBA students helped with data analysis and strategy in eyebrow-raising album release from Radiohead’s Thom Yorke.
Mutuality to underpin new Saïd Business School research.
08 Oct 2014
The concept of mutuality and how it could underpin a more responsible model of business management is to be studied at Saïd Business School.
Imperial College Business School's finance center opens
25 Sep 2014
There are high hopes for Imperial College Business School’s new finance center and research hub as Brevan Howard Centre for Financial Analysis opens.