Top MBA Programs Accelerate Career by Over 60%: MBA News |

Top MBA Programs Accelerate Career by Over 60%: MBA News

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Preliminary research has so far found that top ranked MBA programs can accelerate an individual's career by more than 60%, with lower ranked programs also performing well.
Conducted by, which specializes in online reputation products and services, the research is still in an early form and is yet to be released. However, as Michael Fertik, the company's CEO explained to, one of the findings is that "an MBA is clearly a good economic decision."
"We've analysed a lot of what you would consider social profiles or online resumes and collected a huge amount of data," Fertik explains. "We decided to start publishing a lot of our findings, and one of the findings was that an MBA is very powerful."

Accelerating Your MBA Career

Though slightly vague do to the preliminary status of the research, Fertik is happy to share a few of the findings of his company's research in a recent blog post, an excerpt of which is here:
In terms of career progression, it is estimated that the average MBA holder sees her career accelerate more than 30 percent faster than someone without an MBA.
Graduates of top MBA programs see over twice this impact, according to estimates.
Even graduates of lower rated MBA programs do well, progressing almost 20 percent faster than their peers without an MBA.
Though Fertik is clear to point out that the research is based on the company's conclusions around salary and career progression, rather than an individuals happiness, the results are promising for many an MBA applicant. will of course follow up on this story when the research is officially released.

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