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Aventis School of Management (ASM) is a leading Graduate School which is an affiliated member of the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) and European Council for Business Education (ECBE). Unlike most business schools which rely heavily on academic research, Aventis’s rich industrial heritage sets it distinctively apart through its unwavering commitment towards delivering practical real world applications and strategies.Aventis qualifications are industry driven and recognized by professional bodies internationally. Besides the Executive MBA and MBA program, Aventis also offers a suite of Graduate and Executive programs including Professional MBA and Master of Science in Finance, HR, Leadership, Marketing and Organizational Psychology program in collaboration with our university partners including City University of New York, Arcadia University, Philadelphia and Louisville University, USA.Global Business Outlook – Aventis MBAThe one-year MBA program at Aventis aims to equip the students with the skills needed for successful careers in international business, government or international organizations.Diverse & Culturally Rich Student Network Classes are populated by students with a rich diversity of educational backgrounds and professional experience. Learning is enhanced by small class sizes and an emphasis on group work. This enables students to work closely with peers and faculty rich in professional experience and to form meaningful life-long friendships and business relationshipsEmphasis on Business ApplicationsThe very nature of the MBA Program provides a framework in which you can demonstrate your dedication to and investment in your job for the long term. As a result, you will find that you are better positioned for more rapid career progression and advanced leadership roles. International Business Experience A key attraction of this MBA program is the choice of 2 optional one week international travel experience program. These will be credit bearing offerings enabling students to gain firsthand knowledge of the challenges of global businesses in both a developing and a developed economy across Paris, New York, Singapore, India and China to compare and contrast business strategies and practices globally.Unique Learning Experience . As a graduate of this program, you will join a network of professionals dedicated to enhancing the corporate environment in support of managerial transformation to effectively compete in today's marketplace. Program StructureThe MBA at Aventis is a one-year program featuring an comprehensive curriculum taught on an intensive basis. Available both on a Full Time and Part Time basis, it follows a modular model. It includes ten courses, each taught over one month.World Class Faculty The faculty is comprised of both distinguished faculty and experienced professionals, which combine theory with practical approach to prepare students to apply the knowledge acquired to their professional careers.


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