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Full-time MBA Program

Full-time MBA Program

Business School Lausanne

Route de la Maladière 21, 1022 Chavannes, CH, Chavannes-près-Renens, Switzerland
  • Program Type Full-Time MBA
  • Specializations International Management / Business
  • Duration 12 months
  • International students' % 78
  • Scholarships Yes
  • Employment % 13
  • Avg. salary 100093(USD)

The BSL MBA in Switzerland is a transformational, not transactional experience that facilitates your learning and personal growth as a self-aware, adaptive, and responsible leader for a better world. 


You will embark on a personal transformation journey that will enable you to know yourself better, to (re)discover your personal purpose, and to nurture your leadership capacity for making meaningful change in the world. You will be immersed in a learning space that fosters your personal growth through soft skills courses, one-on-one mentoring, and opportunities for coaching others.

You will turn business on its head and get exposed to unconventional thinking beyond business-as-usual. Through our three-dimensional learning approach, you will cultivate skills and perspectives that empower you to comprehend and respond to global business challenges from an individual, collective, and systemic perspective.

You will invest in your professional growth and will explore opportunities for fusing your previous experiences, strengths, and passions into a fulfilling career path.

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