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Situated in the center of Europe, in the heart of Paris, the CNAM Paris is the best choice for your MBA. Its main campus is an exceptional backdrop for a diverse student body made up of people from different educational and professional backgrounds, ages and cultures. The CNAM MBA experience is transformative and unforgettable, from its challenging and stimulating coursework, to its study trips in France and abroad, conferences and guest speakers, competitions and social life.Two decades ago the CNAM created the MBA - Manager d'entreprise program to help professionals add a new dimension to their careers by capitalizing on their experience and know-how. Its main objective was to transform students into effective leaders. Today, while remaining faithful to its founding principle of encouraging professional transformation, the program has been completely revamped in order to meet the needs and ambitions of managers in business world. What we have created is an innovative MBA progam that delivers value to our students in multiple areas, including: *Customized Curriculum. On top of a rigorous core curriculum, we have added specializations, professional project options and coarching services, as well as elective options that take full advantage of the CNAM's vast course catalogue. This is an MBA program that students can tailor to their professional needs and goals with precision.* Personal Development. Our world-class faculty engages with and challenges students, deploying novel, intergrated teaching methods that are designed to enhance strategic vision, analytical ability, complex problem solving, as well as creativity, leadership and team management skills. Learning at the CNAM is effective because it is collaborative.* International Networking. Located in the heart of Paris, the CNAM MBA attracts a diverse group of talented students from around the globe. Students meet with recognized professionals from differnt industries in a variety of settings, and they spend time abroad at one or more of our partner institutions.Upon graduation, students will have acquired the necessary tools and competencies to face the challenges of a globalized environment characterized by a continous and accelerated change and thus develop their managerial career. The CNAM MBA comes in two forms so that prospective students can choose the MBA that fits with their scheduling, logistical and professional needs. The International MBA is a full-time program that lasts 11 months and the Executive MBA is a part-time program lasting 18 months that is designed for professionals who work full-time while they study. These MBA programs run in parallel to each other out of the CNAM’s campus in central Paris, where they overlap frequently for social events, seminars and other occasions. The same corps of professors and lecturers animates each program, but there are differences in the delivery and structure of some course content. For example, the Executive MBA privileges end-of-the week classes and offers online learning, while the International MBA follows a more typical Monday to Friday teaching schedule.


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