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  • GMATRange of average GMAT scores across all MBA programs at the institution
    550-650 - Low
    651-700 - Medium
    701-800 - High
  • DemographyAverage age of students across all MBA programs at the institution.
    28 Yrs.


COVID-19 Information: Please check the end of this section

EAE Business School is a higher education centre with 58 years’ experience running Master, MBA and University Bachelor Degree programs and specializing in business training for executives. Over the years, more than 73,000 executives and professionals have placed their trust in us, coming from over 100 countries on all 5 continents and working in national and international companies, institutions and organizations in a broad range of sectors.

EAE’s mission is to train professionals that are equipped to lead organizations in any field successfully and sustainably through programs that effectively combine practical contents and participant-oriented services. EAE is an accessible business school that is keen to share knowledge with participants, the teaching faculty and partners around the world. To this end, we currently have academic and institutional partnership agreements in place with over 65 universities and business schools in 22 countries, as well as over 3,500 partnership agreements with national and international companies, which enables us to offer our students more than 5,500 employment and internship opportunities to work in 40 countries and 34 sectors.

COVID19 information

EAE Business School is keeping all its two-way communication open to send out all the information about the Executive MBA, and receive any questions that potential students may have. All queries receive a personalized response through the traditional channels, such as telephone, email or the website, while personal interviews are held by video conference or more disruptive channels such as social media, webinars and virtual employment fairs. Although most in-person events have been cancelled, EAE will still be participating in WGrade Milán, WGrade Roma and Fira Campus Virtual, which have reinvented themselves in virtual format.

Moreover, EAE is working to ensure that the EMBA is highly visible on the School’s website and on other digital portals specializing in the sector. By doing so, EAE aims to guarantee access to the most comprehensive and thorough information about the EMBA throughout this exceptional situation.

The School’s recruitment events are one of EAE’s defining features and they will carry on despite Covid-19. We have adapted these forums to the virtual environment and have recorded huge levels of participation and interested. The events held by the School include:

• International Talent Program. A program that achieves maximum visibility for our international students among multinational companies.

• EFMD Virtual Fair. EAE Business School will take part in the EFMD Virtual Career Fair Series by Highered, as part of an exclusive network of top schools across the globe. The virtual fairs replicate a sophisticated job fair simulation environment that enables you to have real-time interaction with recruiters from leading companies.

• Conferences with Headhunters

• Individualized guidance from Human Resources consultants.

• Company Meetings. Online conferences with companies such as Volotea, Tech Data, Camaloon, Lodgify, Glovo, Bella Aurora and Robert Walters

• Hackathon / Building Leaders - Companies set the students challenges and, based on their response, the companies identify future professionals.

• Employability Workshops. A session to identify and enhance the soft skills needed to get a job.

• CEO for one day. A masterclass focusing on the competences required by future executives.

• Brand Challenge. A session that helps boost the students’ personal brand in a matter of seconds.

The School’s application process has been adapted in response to the situation generated by Covid-19. The start of the new academic year has been postponed until mid-November to ensure a greater degree of normality in academic terms. In addition, we offer complete flexibility for students who want to change to another intake because of difficulties combining their studies with their current situations, as well as giving them access to all the School’s Professional Careers services before starting the Master.

In EAE’s opinion, this is one of the most opportune contexts in which to take the Executive MBA. Covid-19 has highlighted the enormous dynamization and volatility of the business world, with a scenario that needs to be managed by leaders who embody professionalism, judgment, rigour, adaptability and other attributes that are examined and enhanced on the Master. Personal service, complete flexibility and a strong focus on the students’ growth will always be guaranteed with EAE.



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