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    32-33 Yrs.


COVID-19 Information: Please check the end of this section

Created in 1987, École des Ponts Business School was set up as the business school of École des Ponts ParisTech, the world’s oldest engineering school and one of the most prestigious “Grande Écoles”. 30 years on, École des Ponts Business School is still offering MBA and Executive Education programmes in an unconventional manner, and we continue to be a business school like no other. Inspired by our late founder, Celia Russo, we strongly believe that a business school’s responsibility is to nurture ethical managers and leaders. Our participants are deserving women and men who share our values which are built upon three pillars. We endeavour to: 1. Leverage Business and Technology to serve human progress across the globe 2. Strive for Individual and Collective Excellence 3. Challenge Conventional Thinking If you are an intelligent, entrepreneurial, self-determined, highly ambitious person, you will find a place with us.

COVID19 information

To quote our Dean, Professor Alon Rozen, the LeadTech Global Executive MBA is "a program designed for the emerging post-COVID-19 economy that will help executives increase their understanding of how technology will impact business in the years ahead, how to harness the benefits of digital transformation, how to apply lean innovation effectively to adapt to the market in real time, how to help companies rethink and meet their biggest challenges, and how to increase their own personal agility, resiliency, creativity and leadership."

The program starts on 13 September and in the context of the current COVID-19 crisis, the first residential module will now be taking place online and will accommodate all time zones. Classes will be live so you will still benefit from real-time interaction with professors and classmates. We have successfully rolled out online courses for the current intakes and have received positive feedback both from participants and faculty.

A decision will be made taking the COVID-19 situation into account for subsequent residential modules. We believe that nothing should get in the way of education but our primary concern remains the safety of our participants, faculty and staff.

For some, this is an opportunity rather than a disadvantage. We are seeing many prospective candidates from outside of our usual geographical pools taking this as an opportunity to pursue their Executive MBA at a reduced cost of ownership, as they will have to budget less to fund their travel expenses. For candidates based outside of Europe, we are continuing to offer our travel envelope scholarship.

Taking the current situation into account, we are flexible with application/acceptance deadlines. We are still offering a second round Early Bird discount as well as industry scholarships. We are also continuing to offer our special Women in Business scholarship (32% tuition fee reduction) until the last round of applications.

To book an information call to discuss your options with a member of the Admissions Team, follow this link:



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