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*COVID-19 Information: Please check the end of this section

With a history of over 50 years training professionals in business management and marketing, ESIC is at the forefront of business schools in Spain. We put all our efforts into encouraging and maintaining a direct relationship with the business environment and thus are able to offer our students a practical academic training, oriented to the needs of the labour market. We provide training with values, with highly qualified professionals with excellent knowledge and experts in the latest trends.

ESIC's MBA portfolio is accredited by the MBA Association (AMBA), which means that they are part of the elite of accredited MBA programmes (less than 280 worldwide). This reinforces its international positioning and promotes the employment possibilities of its graduates, as AMBA recognises and accredits the quality and international level of MBA programs.

ESIC’s MBAs have been designed to respond to the needs of companies that operate in an increasingly internationalised, interconnected and competitive environment. This closeness to the business world has been, and continues to be, the fundamental characteristic of the School's programmes, making our graduates highly "sought-after" by international employers. Each of the MBA programmes has its own orientation and characteristics.

*COVID-19 Information

ESIC BUSINESS & MARKETING SCHOOL is fully adapted to the new situation we are experiencing. We are able to carry out both the admission and selection process for our programs, as well as the enrolment and the actual completion of the program in a distance learning mode in order to continue to be in line with current regulations and above all to preserve the health of our students. 

In the case of our candidates, in order to provide them with the best online service, they must proceed as follows:

- They simply have to go to our website, www.esic.edu, and ask for information about the program they are interested in, either through the website itself or through the contact telephone numbers provided. 

- In less than 24 hours one of our admissions advisors specializing in that program will contact the candidate to help them via phone or telematics with the information they need.

- In addition, if a candidate is still unclear about his professional orientation or has queries about the differences between several programs, our specialists will analyze their situation, interests and vocation to help them choose the program that best meets their training needs. 

- Once the candidate has received all the information they need, if they want to continue with the process they can also do so online. 

- To do so, the advisor will send the candidate an admission form via email where the candidate will upload all the necessary documents to be able to move forward in the process. 

- These will be received by our advisors who will review your file and will send it to the director of the corresponding academic program to which the candidate wants to apply.

- In less than 48 hours the academic director will contact the candidate by phone or electronically to review and evaluate their record as well as to meet them and assess whether they have the necessary skills to access the program of interest. 

- After the evaluation, the advisor will communicate the results to the candidate and if possible, they will be able to proceed with the registration online. 

ESIC also holds various online events aimed at advising students: admission day, general open days, specific open days, etc. Anyone who wishes to do so can register for these events through the agenda published on our website. 

On the other hand, we have adapted all of our programs to incorporate the possibility of starting them remotely in such a way that the students will be able to follow their classes at the same time as they are scheduled to be taught in person and share the day-to-day contact with their classmates, teachers and tutors in the classroom. This adapted modality of remote attendance means that the student can enjoy the same experience that the face-to-face program offers, but with the advantages of distance learning. 

Likewise, in the remote attendance mode, all the school's services will continue to operate so that the student's experience is 100% satisfactory. Specifically, in the case of our EXECUTIVE MBA (EMBA), we believe that this modality fits the student's profile perfectly, since they are highly demanding students who seek to obtain an interesting network of contacts from the program and a high level of learning from their peers, while at the same time allowing them to combine it with their high workload and personal and family life.

The EMBA provides a vision of the company beyond the students' experience, helping them to acquire new skills and abilities, both 'soft' and 'hard': curiosity, empathy, adaptability, creativity... In addition, it requires flexibility and daring to experiment with tasks and competencies that are different from the usual context, which helps to incorporate new leadership and management skills. In short, the EMBA not only provides an academic retraining, but also marks the ideal moment to value ethics and sustainability, providing students with a combination of humanities and business management that is highly valued in an environment such as the current one where change is the norm.

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