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Hochschule Furtwangen's Executive MBA program is unique amongst the ever increasing number of competing offers. We offer clear advantages to professionals with both a degree and some substantial management experience who are now seeking to give their career a boost by gaining additional management experience through an intensive 24-month part-time study program. The program offers a solid generalist management qualification with an additional emphasis on soft skills which are of such importance for today's leaders as well as a pronounced international focus. Our aim is to give our graduates not expert knowledge in only one niche of business life but the broad general knowledge of how concepts and processes relate to each other – skills essential for those seeking to lead an organisation.The Executive MBA program awards upon the successful graduates the internationally respected title Master of Business Administration (MBA), it has been vetted and approved by the ministry of education in Germany as well as accredited with excellent results by FIBAA.We make a conscious effort to facilitate our students' success; always keeping in mind the challenge they have chosen by combining their successful careers with a demanding part-time study program. To this end we offer excellent and dedicated facilities on site as well as a 24/7 support system which includes an online library, an online teaching platform and virtual study groups.To ensure outstanding study conditions, we limit the number of students in any given year to no more than 15. Each of these students will be a highly qualified professional in their own field thus ensuring the quality of the program as a whole. The size of the group allows for optimum support through our highly qualified, internationally experienced and dedicated team of professors. Teaching and learning will take place through case studies, discussions and will always focus on practical applicability.The practical focus of the program will be further enhanced through the regular involvement of top management from regional and international companies during the monthly Best Practice presentations which form part of the program.The international focus has been strengthened through the addition of two teaching blocks with our partner universities, La Sorbonne in Paris and JiaoTong in Shanghai. While teaching will largely be in English, German will be used where it is appropriate, namely for subject matter like German tax or employment law: another clear advantage of our program is that while it is decidedly international, it does not ignore such national aspects as are essential to business practice in German. Something which many international programs simply cannot provide.


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