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Geneva, a Global CityGeneva belongs to a select group of truly "international" cities of the world, making it an ideal place to study international management.The city is host to the United Nations and specialised agencies such as the World Trade Organisation, and is often referred to as the capital of peace and diplomacy.Many multinationals are located in the region, due to the excellent logistical network and the central location of Geneva at the heart of Europe, approximately only one hour away from London, Paris, Brussels and Milan. Geneva is well known as one of the world's major international financial centres, especially for the management of private capital assets.Geneva is a window on the world of technology and is home to the major technology leaders such as Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Motorola, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, AT&T and Du Pont de Nemours. The International Telecommunications Union and Reuters European communication centre have chosen Geneva as their headquarters. The CERN, located outside Geneva, is where the World Wide Web was invented.Quality learningEducation at the International University in Geneva is a combination of the American and European academic curriculum, resulting in a unique approach based on quality in learning. The multicultural and dynamic environment of the University and the international faculty contribute to the creation of a framework in which the students acquire global experience.Classes are small in order to allow group discussion and provide more individualised attention. International University in Geneva is committed to helping students reach their full potential. All the professors have solid practical experience in industry and business at senior levels combined with a strong academic background,International perspectiveThe methods of instruction at the International University in Geneva are innovative and underline the importance of gaining an international perspective on management and communication issues. The use of business simulations ensures the development of analytical skills, which are critical in today's competitive and rapidly changing world. Practical SkillsThe International University in Geneva emphasises the importance of interpersonal skills, such as leadership, communication and the ability to work in a multicultural team, by encouraging active class preparation and making regular presentations about various management topics. In that spirit, the students are expected to work in groups, in order to simulate a situation in which they develop a proactive attitude and master effective communication. The academic philosophy stresses the development of an entrepreneurial attitude relevant to both small companies as well as large multicultural corporations.The University aims bridges the gap between theory and practise and to build the skills necessary to compete in a global marketplace.The university regularly invites executives from companies to come in and present career opportunities to the students. In addition, seminars relating to job searches are held throughout the year.. The use of business simulations ensures the development of analytical skills, which are critical in today's competitive and rapidly changing world.


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