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Full Time MBA

Full Time MBA

Marshall School of Business

Marshall School of Business, Los Angeles, United States
  • QS Global MBA Rankings
  • Program Type Full-Time MBA
  • Specializations Brand Management
  • Duration 22 months
  • International students' % 32
  • Scholarships No
  • Employment % 96
  • Avg. salary 127495(USD)

The University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business is one of the US’ leading centers of corporate and commercial education. The school flagship full-time MBA program is at the core of this success, and the course epitomizes Marshall’s founding principles of global thinking, entrepreneurial action, and equality of opportunity and treatment. The school is particularly proud of its strength in thought leadership, with staff boasting 243 full-time faculty members, 137 tenure-track scholars and 106 clinical professors, including several nationally and internationally recognized authorities on business thinking.

With this focus on cutting-edge thought leadership in mind, Marshall does not have a concept of an ideal MBA candidate who fits a particular mold or profile. Rather, the school is looking for businesspeople from all walks of life who will enhance and add to the school’s knowledge base, making the overall experience better and more enriching for their fellow students and their teachers. For this reason, letters of recommendation or references are neither required nor accepted at Marshall – the person is more important than their career highlights. Rather, application decisions are based on CVs, essay question responses and GMAT/GRE scores. Tuition fees are US$60,951 for the first year and US$55,410 for the second year.

The Marshall full-time MBA program has a practical, experiential focus, in line with the school’s values of entrepreneurship and global leadership. As well as core and elective taught courses, students take part in global education projects, in which they spend 10 days abroad on a site visit with a partner company, and work as teams to tackle real-world business problems. Research and findings are presented in a professional way, giving students valuable first-hand experience of not just how to solve a problem, but how to communicate solutions in an effective manner.

With this level of practical training, Marshall graduates leave equipped for the challenges of the modern business world. The average post-graduation salary is US$115,309, with an average sign-on fee of US$23,431. What’s more, the school does a lot to promote employment opportunities among students. As testament to this, of the class of 2016, 38% found their post-graduation employment through on-campus recruiting events and job postings, while 21% found theirs through the internship program, highlighting the tangible career advantages of the Marshall MBA and how valuable graduates of the course are to employers.

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