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  • DemographyAverage age of students across all MBA programs at the institution.
    37 Yrs.


The Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO is the largest private business school in Russia established in 2006 by 18 Russian and exterior companies and individuals, all of which are recognized industry leaders in their fields: oil and gas industry, metal industry, energy sector, investment, banking and insurance.

5 advantages of SKOLKOVO Business School:

1.      Unique class profile
People who will define the future: the intellectual elite, the most promising executives and entrepreneurs from Russia and the CIS.

2.    Stellar faculty
Top professors from international business schools: CEIBS, INSEAD, IMD, Cambridge University, IESE, MIT, HKUST, Stanford University.

3.    Opportunities of the SKOLKOVO community
While at SKOLKOVO, you enter unique business community, establish valuable business contacts and friendships, grow personally and develop your projects in a stimulating environment.

4.    Practical focus
In addition to traditional lectures, our professors use innovative teaching methods that enhance the quality of information assimilation and skills development.

Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology business school are launching a brand new international Executive MBA programme focused on Eurasia.

The EMBA for Eurasia is a dual degree programme for experienced managers and entrepreneurs from all over the world, who aspire to become the new generation leaders in Eurasia. Graduates will be known across Eurasia for their innovative approaches, superior leadership skill and the ability to leverage best management practices to meet the objectives of their existing and future organizations.

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