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  • QS Global RankQS Global Rankings
    Position in the QS World University Rankings: Global MBA Rankings 2020
  • GMATRange of average GMAT scores across all MBA programs at the institution
    550-650 - Low
    651-700 - Medium
    701-800 - High
  • DemographyAverage age of students across all MBA programs at the institution.
    27 Yrs.
  • ScholarshipIndication as to whether the institution provides scholarships for MBA programs.


Originally founded as the College of Business Administration in 1913, the now-named Questrom School of Business is the business school at Boston University in Massachusetts, in the USA. 

With a distinguished reputation in business education and AACSB accreditation, Questrom School of Business boasts a proud history. This includes establishing its MBA in 1925, being one of the very first institutions to admit women, as well as being one of the very first institution’s in the country to introduce a curriculum that addresses nonprofit and healthcare management. 

Questrom School of Business is committed to each and every one of its students’ education. And that commitment is unwavering. Passionate about educating leaders who focus on adding value to not just their organization, but to their community, and the world, Questrom is dedicated to making its education relevant and impactful for students who want their lives’ work to be meaningful. 

And best of all, Questrom provides a multitude of pathways to get there. 

With its 21st century relevant programs ranging from the Full-Time MBA, to specialized master’s such as the MS in Mathematical Finance and MS in Management Studies which both feature in the 2019 edition of the QS Business Master's ranking, there is also the option to study an MBA and joint degree, as well as a PhD in Business Administration and a PhD in Mathematical Finance. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical demographic of the Two-Year MBA?
We are committed to enrolling qualitatively excellent incoming classes that represent global, ethnic, and demographic diversity. We have 38% women in our two-year program, which ranks among the highest percentages in the country. Most of our students have at least two-years of professional work experience in a myriad of industries and functions. Undergraduate backgrounds vary, with the highest percentage actually coming from the humanities and social science. Our students are active, involved, and eager to learn. They\'re friendly as a group, but driven. They are the managers and leaders of tomorrow. Learn more about our students: http://management.bu.edu/admissions/life/index.html.
What makes the Boston University School of Management unique?
There are several things that make Boston University School of Management unique. The first differentiator is our approach. Our curriculum is built on cross-functional thinking. We teach students to think of the organization as an interconnected whole, where decisions in one area affect results in another. Using collaborative teaching and sharing case studies across several courses at once, our students learn to see that decisions within organizations have multiple audiences and ramifications. The second aspect that differentiates BU from other schools is our specific focus on team learning. Organizations increasingly depend on teams. Thus, team learning is an integral part of this School\'s educational process. We believe that to be an effective team leader, first you need to understand team dynamics. And that\'s one of the fundamentals of the School\'s curriculum. Lastly, our students gain an unprecedented technological mastery. Leveraging our outstanding information systems expertise, we have woven the discussion of technologies into an increasing number of our courses. We\'re not teaching people to become programmers; we\'re teaching people to harness and optimize the technological tools around us.
When does the next session begin? What is the application deadline?
For our Two-Year MBA, the next enrollment period is August 2011. We also have a January start date for our Professional Evening MBA – Boston Campus. Deadlines vary by program. Visit http://management.bu.edu/admissions/process/deadlines.html for more information.
Do you require an interview?
After submitting an application, many candidates are invited to interview with us. This is a very important component of the selection process, and we invite as many candidates as possible based on our capacity. We are committed to admitting superior students who will complement each other in our cross-functional, team-learning environment and will continue to support one another long after graduation. We offer in-person interviews both on-campus and in cities around the world. We also offer telephone interviews for applicants who are unable to meet us in person. Learn more about the application process: http://management.bu.edu/admissions/process/index.html
Have more questions?
To learn more about the BU MBA and Admissions visit: www.management.bu.edu

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