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Executive MBA

Executive MBA

  • Program Type Executive MBA
  • Specializations Strategic Management
  • Duration 24 months
  • International students' % 5
  • Scholarships Yes
  • Employment % 100
  • Avg. salary 7500(USD)

The world today does not stand still. It is impossible to build a business without continuously developing and gaining new knowledge and skills. The only way to stand up to today’s harsh competition is to offer high quality service to customers. Often completing this task requires reassessing existing corporate methods, use of new workforce potential and management system. While it used to be that many managers had to learn from their own mistakes, today’s business education can solve this problem and give the knowledge and skills required to make corporate management most effective.

Executive MBA Goals:

To answer the question what an effective manager needs today for an efficient business tomorrow

To give one-of-a-kind knowledge and skills in corporate management that enable managers to quickly respond to any crisis and help promote business in the light of globalization.


to systematize and accumulate in-house professional experience

to generate new knowledge and advance the existing one

to expand business relations

to alter business vision and approaches

to further soft skills

The target audience of the Executive MBA Programme is the top managers, business owners, and people from the talent pool willing to become top managers.

Training materials and presentation:

A textbook, a collection of slides, a collection of case studies.

Teaching methodology:

All courses are interactive and include discussion of real-world case studies. Students are expected to complete individual course work and will receive assessments and performance feedback from a team of faculty advisors.

Programme modules take place in Russia, Germany and Great Britain on the premises of largest State-owned and private higher educational establishments: MGIMO MFA of Russia, Corporate Technical University LLC UMMC Holding, GISMA Business School (Germany or Great Britain), ICN Business School, INSEAD, HHL Leipzig.

Academic supervisor — Anna Shashkova, Ph.D., Doctor of Science (Politics), Candidate of Science (Law), MGIMO Professor, Moscow Region Bar Lawyer, Honorary Consul for St. Vincent and the Grenadines, author of more than 20 books in Russian and English.

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