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ALOYSIO FARIA CAMPUS, Av. Princesa Diana, 760, Alphaville, Lagoa dos Ingleses Nova Lima/MG, Brazil View Map
  • DemographyAverage age of students across all MBA programs at the institution.
    39 Yrs.
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About SKEMA Business School

Ranked 61st best worldwide Executive Education in 2019, SKEMA’s ambition is to be a global business school which, through its research and teaching programmes, trains and educates the talent of knowledge economy. 

With SKEMA, we have created the necessary material and human resources to deliver an educational programme that perfectly reflects the global economic environment. Our goal is to train mobile, adaptable, talented managers who are able to deliver sustainable performance, make a valuable contribution to social, societal and economic debates and challenges, network, work remotely and push the boundaries of knowledge and innovation - managers who are comfortable with, and show respect for, multicultural and social diversity.

Our multi-site, international structure, with sites in Asia, Europe, Africa and America, means that we can remain perfectly in tune with our economic environment and the world of international higher education. Our campuses are located within large, expanding research parks, where cooperation and partnership come together to create the innovations and technologies of the future. Rich educational SKEMA’s learning programmes reflect the latest research into the challenges posed by the management of innovative and high-tech projects, the management of information, customer relations, globalisation and economic dynamics. 

SKEMA, it is 160 faculty members of which 40% international, 2300 participants who trust us to follow an executive education programme as Global Executive MBA, custom programmes, certificate awarding courses, online catalog, short courses, coaching.... It is also a triply accreditation business school (EQUIS, AASCB and AMBA) which ranks it among the top 1% of business schools in the world. The school offers international connections and potential business opportunities all over the word with a strong network of 45,000 alumni.

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