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Every university in the world pursues academic excellence, personal service and the teaching of human values, however, we believe that what makes us different is how we achieve academic excellence, as we provide personal services to our students and faculty, and stay focused on universal values from an
ethical perspective. We are a young university, with only four decades of history, however we have earned one of the top rankings in education in Latin America.
 It hasn't been easy, and our success lies in our personal approach to every student and professor: we are a human-centred university. We believe in true human growth and development, and
 work to understand the human spirit, its origin, and the reality of human beings. The second reason for our success is our focus on ethical behaviour in a world that sometimes loses sight of its virtues, principles and values. Universidad Panamericana has three campuses where we have recently opened a new facility in Santa Fe, at the heart of the business headquarters. We encourage international experiences as an important individual transformation and we strive to ensure that our students grow in three fundamental skills: independence, learning and responsibility.


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